Friday, May 8, 2009

No, seriously. Calder is it.

So I lied about having second thoughts! I reasoned through what would actually be needed to do the Body of Doom idea, and it's just not in my realm. I'd need a lot of science and anatomy knowledge, aside from a veteran expert in 3D design. One of the program advisers, Mike Greer, did tell me about MakeHuman, which would have been a cool, open-source aid for the muscle-tone modeling.

Onto Calder things! I went to the library and picked up 3 books, as well. Unfortunately, 2 are in French. I tried reading one of them, but I am only on Rosetta Stone Level 1 Unit 2. Ce n'est pas assez bon. Un chat francais lit mieux que moi. In fact, I had to translate part of that online just now to say it.

The books are useful so far in terms of having a look at some of his work. I've found some of his drawings that would be cool to animate on a loop, including these (photos courtesy of ArtNet):

Star and Moon, 1974

Composition with Black Spirals and Circle with Red, 1970

There is another entitled "Black and White," but unfortunately I cannot find a photograph online. I will upload a copy from the book later.

Another thing I need to decide is whether the big piece, Jubile Joyce, is going to be about the circus, as Calder's was, or if I should use a parallel event in my own life. Something like the Nutcracker, which I went to several times as a child, or perhaps the zoo. If I did Nutcracker, obviously I would need the music. I looked on and found one, which is under a non-derivative license, so I might not be able to go there. I beleive it is also midi, which usually sucks, but I actually don't mind it because it adds to the comedy.

More later...

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