Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back At It

I have been OOC the past few days due to the whale tonsils that took over my life and ruined the break I was going to take with two best friends, but thanks to Fleming's moldy bread accident, I am getting better and am back to work. Joy! But seriously, I am happy to be doing this instead of just sweating all over the place.

Now that I have shared too much about myself, I must also share this resource with you right away because it is just too cool. The Whitney Museum, NYC, has Learning@Whitney, a portal for teachers, kids and teens, but don't let the labels dissuade you from exploring (they all lead to the same gallery). It has a wealth of information on, and high-res views of, pieces of the museum's collection, including 10 of Calder's.

There is also a write-up about each piece, including its context and artist. These write-ups site sources-- books in English (yay!)-- that I fully intend to check out as soon as possible.

The image of Rigoulot, the Strong Man, Weight Lifter, 1926-31 takes you to this page, on which you can view (and download) excerpts of video from Le Grand Cirque Calder 1927 (Jean Painlevé, 1955) of Calder performing his circus. Good gravy, that's a find. The 6 other circus pieces in the gallery will take you to a page to view those videos, as well.

Another gem in this gallery:

Chock, 1972

Wowwie zowwie. The obvious choice, for me, will be to take on this design and make it a grandchild, Buck.


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Lucia said...

Lee, I love the idea of Buck as a Starbucks bird!!

good luck with your project and keep onnnnnnn