Monday, May 4, 2009

Calder it is

After mulling it over, I have decided, at least until I hit a wall, that I'd like to go with the Calder idea I mentioned in the last post's vlog.

Why Calder? Why not some other artist? Well, I am running half on a hunch, half on inspiration, half on knowledge, and a third on the exciting feeling one gets from starting something new that has potential for goodness (for those of you who don't do math, that's 183.333%).

First thing I'm doing is reading up on his work. Well, actually, the first thing I did was view his exhibit at the Pompidou a month ago. It made quite an impression. Seeing his work, so modern-looking, and then reading on a plaque that the artist created his first sculptures 100 years ago, made me respect him immediately. His sense of humor, aligned with his treatment of the materials and subject matter in his pieces (see here and here) comes through as nothing less than brilliant. It is a delight to see someone who wasn't afraid to let his enjoyment of his craft show through.

So, really the second thing I am doing is reading up on him-- check this out, found on, regarding Cirque Calder:

"The assemblage included diminutive performers, animals, and props he had observed at the Ringling Brothers Circus. Fashioned from wire, leather, cloth, and other found materials, Cirque Calder was designed to be manipulated manually by Calder. Every piece was small enough to be packed into a large trunk, enabling the artist to carry it with him and hold performances anywhere. Its first performance was held in Paris for an audience of friends and peers, and soon Calder was presenting the circus in both Paris and New York to much success. Calder's renderings of his circus often lasted about two hours and were quite elaborate. Indeed, the Cirque Calder predated performance art by forty years."
Forty years ahead of the times! You see-- I knew we had a kinship, Calder and I. At first I was thinking, perhaps it's the connection between us, he the inventor of the mobile, and I, the inventor of sweet F.A., that makes me like him. More likely, however, is this desire to be ahead of the curve. And Cirque Calder is an impressive display, indeed. See here:

So you see my inspiration. Now what to do with it. I have a name! I do. I came up with it last week-- Jubilé Joyce. Hence, the underlying glue would be a digital jubilee of visual artistry and physical formations. I want to pull Calder's pieces into the digital age, and in doing so, I hope to go beyond performance art into a new form. Let's push those boundaries. Now, moving onto how. Stay tuned, faithful reader-- I might be down to one fan; I luv you, one fan.

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