Wednesday, November 2, 2011


(let's pretend for a moment I write in here a lot and just pick up where we left off...)

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my brother in Portlandia and I'm thuper exthited.

Since we all love lists, I will share the reasons why in list form:
  • I have new giant glasses so I can look 'hip' in the hippest of towns. Not that I care. Too hip.
  • My lovely sibling bought the hubs and me something to sleep on in his basement, no floor for us!
  • I get to see the broski and meet his girlfriend and hang out.
  • Let's face it... this is just good timing. I'm a little frayed and ready to recharge.
  • I planned ahead and bought Benadryl to knock myself out so I'm not horrendous on the flight and can just hold my husband's hand in a coma instead of a death grip. (FUN FACT: the active ingredient in Benadryl is the same as the non-headache sleep aids, however it is ~2 cents cheaper per pill)
  • After Portland I get to go stay in LA with one of my favorite people, Blair, who made a spreadsheet of how we can spend our time awesomely and effectively. I already made my case to visit Coffee Bean at least daily. Looking forward to seeing college friends and just be having a good time, having a good time.