Saturday, February 23, 2008


Look what Blair drew! She's gifted you know.

Friday, February 22, 2008

I met a sandwich I didn't like today

I just remembered something I saw today. So you know that Giada de-- (let me look it up)-- Laurentiis? On Food Network? Well I try to avoid her at all costs because she scares me. But today, I was in for a fright and she was having a chocolate show, so I was like, neat! She made a souffle! Hey, maybe there is something to be had in that large noggin of hers.

Then she had to go and stick some chocolate chips on a grilled cheese sandwich. And she then fed it to her friends. Who does that (other than non-vegan potheads)? "Hey guys let me make you a groovy sandwich."

If you take nothing else from this blog, please heed this: even if you've said yes to drugs, please say no to brie. And if you must also say yes to brie, say no to brie covered in chocolate. And if you say yes to all of these things anyhow, please stop reading my blob. And don't talk to me anymore.


My friend Alex posted Haikus on his blog. I have decided to dubiously copy his idea and write haikus, too, because tonight I am distracted. I would write about it, but I prefer to bottle up my emotions until they come out through my eyeballs in front of my friends. Let's do some haiku-ing!

blogger saves my drafts
a yellow bubble says so
thank god for bubbles

i would blow bubbles
if i had a good reason
but right now i don't

splenda is not good
chlorine is part of why not
i won't eat that *bleep*

sheep make cool noises
but i think prefer goats
goats have more moxie

a word with five syllables
not best for haikus

heyy... you...

So, hey, I'm Leanne. I've been reading blogs on and off for a few years now. My friends are better at following things than I am. I'll probably forget this, too.

Anyhow people have gotten pretty good at the art of blogging, but I figured I'd just blob. Less pressure. This way no one can call me a sucker. And even if you do think I am a sucker for writing in my blob, I would just like to welcome you to it, sucker-blob reader. I'm going to post now and then probably post again when I think of something to right. I just misspelled "write." Maybe I am a sucker...