Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My day today

K so it's been a month since I last wrote, deal with it. I am. I had an awesome day.

A list:
  • To start off, it always helps when it is gorgeous outside.
  • Found out I will be teaching a Body Flow class every week. Team teaching to begin, then getting my own class in the fall. Exciting! If anyone happens to read this blog and is interested in trying Body Flow, let me know-- it is a combination of tai-chi, yoga, and pilates set to good music.
  • Learned about Inbound Marketing University, a way to get a free certification in marketing online.
  • Met new people. Between some talented candidates for the marketing specialist I am on a search committee for, and the fellow geeks at the Providence Geek Dinner, I met some neat folks. I had been meaning to go to the dinner for months, and even tried to go once before but there was absolutely no parking and it was pouring down rain... so Fraser and I got sushi instead (fail/win or win/fail?)
  • Cut open the watermelon I bought to find the reddest, crunchiest, juiciest, bomb-ass melony deliciousness I've ever had the pleasure of slicing and devouring.
  • I didn't cook tonight, as Wednesday is usually leftover night. So homeboy and I heated up the 2 Freschetta pizzas I bought as a treat and decided they are probably the best frozen pizzas we've ever had. So thank you, Freschetta, for tasting so fresh you are almost bruschsetta. Luckily I had just eaten my weight* in watermelon so it was impossible to make a complete fatty of myself. *exaggeration
  • Since I'm going down the food path... I got complimented on my baking. I made some friends cookies last weekend, and she was nice enough to bring up how good they were. Yay! And uh, not to toot my own horn, but I do kind of rock at cookies (tooooooot). You can credit my mother for refusing to buy me the Easy Bake Oven I wanted with all my tiny, excitable heart. She insisted that if her 5-year-old daughter wanted to bake, she would do so in a real oven. And bake I did.
  • Fraser's happy because the Bruins are currently beating the "ginger army" in the final of the Stanley cup finals. Just so you know, he's ginger too, so that apparently makes it less racist. Aside from the yelling, I like his enthusiasm.
  • My optimistic attitude and feeling like I have finally shaken the funk I've been in for a good while. Good things are gonna come. Just gotta hold onto these good days like gold, and keep working toward my goals, whatever those goals may be (see last post). :)