Thursday, July 17, 2008

In the news today: Hook ups and Top Ups

GOOD NEWS: I am finally online! Woo hoo. And I got bins to put massive amounts of cans and bottles to recycle in and worked out a way to fit it under the sink! Woo hoo! And I got a thing of Cadbury's highlights hot cocoa mix in fudge flavor! Woo hoo! Oh Tesco, you may be wrong and evil, but being evil has never felt so right and delicious. Also delicious, Mamma Mia. Saw it last night with Fraser's mum (Carolyn) and sister (Jennifer) (I am putting names so I don't have to always write them!). The movie is a fun one, definitely one to see with girlfriends but guys might think it's funny. I like how it didn't take itself seriously at all-- and thank goodness. I've never seen the stage show but if it is what I imagine, I can see why it's known to be corny.

BAD NEWS: Virgin Media is a big sack of crap. I have spent over 10 bucks being on hold with them today, was disconnected once because I was out of phone cash, had to walk down the street in the rain to top up, come home and be on hold another 20 minutes, be talked at by someone who has no expertise in talking to anything, let alone people, and at the end of it I was not allowed to activate our phone and cable because I do not have a man's voice. As my brother would say, "that's just racist!" And it is! (Except that it is actually sexist) (I know this but I also know what Greg would be saying).

Yeah so you have to be the account holder to say "Right then, I want to watch some telly", and since Fraser is the one with the UK bank account, he is thus the account holder. But what if the alleged Mr. F Gunn was a eunuch? He would sue them, that's what if. Cheap procedural discriminatory bumholes! And they're all like that, Time Warner? Comcast? Can I get an AMEN?

Well that's that and I vented to Fraser and now I am okay. Tonight I'm going to his circuits class at 6:15 with Mike (friend of Fras)(and me too but you get it). After that we'll try to get the cable working and probably watch some. Whee!

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