Monday, July 14, 2008

Home sweet Edinburgh

Cheers! I am in Edinburgh now.

This is a little video to show you all our flat and entice you to come visit it.

No internet up yet, but I have a cell phone, address, and skype name, so if you message me on the facebook I can give you them for future reference.

We also don't have cable yet so I have now seen Episodes 4-6 of Star Wars and am halfway through Episode 1. Good stuff. Well I think Fraser will be out from work and picking me up from his parents' soon, plus I have been on the computer too long. >< .. those be my eyes.


Jamie said...

Y'all are adorable :)

TheMeek said...

It does entice me to come visit. Maybe the price of a barrel of oil will magically plummet soon.

1. I think the lamp shade on the light bulb hanging from the ceiling actually adds a nice touch. If it's used like that, is it still a "lamp" shade?

2. You sure did have a lot of placemat left over!

3. That is a HUGE apartment!

vsarthi said...

1) do you always tie up your towels in ribbons?

2) we bought those matching scarves together! *tear*

3) that cot has my name on it. please save it for when i have moolipoo to come visit!

4) i am liveblogging your video now

5)bombdiggity apartment, yall!

6) i am mad jealous that you are in edinburgh.

7) what part of the burgh is your flat in?

8) you guys are pretty percious. good luck with the new digs!