Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Interim Presentation

Here were are. 3 weeks to go.

This is the website thus far.

Also did my rough draft. It's pretty rough.


Alex said...

You may just be one of the best video editors I know. Hilarious.

Lucia said...

so, not the best forum for contacting you, but do you think you can resend that info letter you send with the save the date? I just want to compare some things....and silly me, I misplaced the first copy



Lucia said...

also, i love your animation of the moon and star. calder would be proud.

lisamichele said...

HI leanne :) First off, love your blog! The concept is a great read! Secondly, at this current time I'm not selling due to a bad knee injury and being laid up! However, keep checking back for when I'm back in the swing of things! :)