Monday, June 15, 2009


Hey hey. As Martin pointed out, there has been a dearth of posts the past couple weeks, but this is not to say I haven't been working. Believe it or not, amongst the week of hardcore wedding planning and then sitting across from "Madmouth Mez," my new BFF, on the train to London, I did get some stuff done.

I have been reading Calder's autobiography, which is an enjoyable book. He is so amusing with his recollections of runny eggs and his sister's tendency to be weepy. Most of the useful quotations, though, I find I have already read in other books. Nonetheless, I am glad to be hearing it [reading it?] straight from the horse's mouth.

I created two [very] rough Blender models so far of Fanni the Belly Dancer and Elephant. They need some cleaning up and texturing before I animate them, but here they are in all their angular, gray glory. Actually, the elephant's not looking that bad!

I also created the first page of the Circus interface, which I am actually very proud of. The lettering of "Calder's Circus" is modeled after this image, a wire sculpture made by Calder. I created it using the pen tool, and animated by shape tweening each letter. The animation can be seen here, and below is a screen shot.

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