Friday, August 8, 2008

In the news today...

I was reading USA Today just now and was going through the section where there is a single important story from each state. I like to check on the states where I have loved ones periodically, so when someone asks me about event x, I seem aware. Also I like to make sure everything is still in one piece. So, in Massachusetts, a drunk driver plead not guilty to his ninth offense. In California, a Riverside boy died after swimming in a lake where an amoeba infected his brain. The horrible news stories that are anything but happy, but are, in fact, news and worthy of note. I decided to check on Texas:

Thursday, August 7
Austin - A group of 26 teenage cheerleaders tried to cram themselves into a Jester Residence Hall elevator at the University of Texas to see how many would fit, but they got stuck and had to be rescued, officials said. One girl was treated and released at a hospital; two others were treated at the scene.

Is this news to anyone?

I am one to talk, having been a Texas cheerleader at one time. But... really, USA Today? Really? The most important thing that happened yesterday in that whole state, with its underground polygamist sects and minutemen, was that some cheerleaders committed an act similar to a 1950s fraternity stunt? I guess you could say it's news because they reenacted something their grandfathers probably did, instead of emulating their typical caffeinated versions of the Laguna Beach gang, but one question still remains...




greg said...

News to me. Wish I'd found that elevator first... "all right"

Leanne said...

haha! ok, gregmeier.