Saturday, August 15, 2009

Quick update

I just had to share-- a weird error I kept getting with the vimeo player in my Flash site used to not ruin things, it was just annoying. But then it decided it would make one video not close if you clicked it, or any other video, again.

So it was preventing one of the videos from loading at all and then would end up crashing the others. But, today I worked around it, and in the meantime ended up fixing the error problem as well!!! No more annoying, questionable errors!

No one (or very very few people) gets that this is WICKED exciting! So I thought I'd tell everyone. ;o)

The website will be up in either tonight or in a few days, just trying to figure out how to get PDF downloads going (for the full-text dissertation and resources).

Now if we could just get the whole not-knowing-if-my-fiance-will-be-allowed-to-enter-the-country-for-our-wedding thing settled. ROAR.

1 comment:

mandromahi said...

???? really??? hope everything works out!!!
I still have to do the video and downloadable stuff, but I figured I 'd just do it with html and get it over with!!!!
:-) We'll be free...EXTREMELY soon:-)))